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#include <eca-neteci-server.h>

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Public Member Functions


Static Public Member Functions

static void * launch_server_thread (void *arg)

Private Member Functions

void check_for_events (int timeout)
void clean_removed_clients (void)
void close_server_socket (void)
void create_server_socket (void)
void handle_client_messages (struct ecasound_neteci_server_client *client)
void handle_connection (int fd)
void handle_eci_command (const std::string &cmd, struct ecasound_neteci_server_client *client)
void listen_for_events (void)
void open_server_socket (void)
void parse_raw_incoming_data (const char *buffer, ssize_t bytes, struct ecasound_neteci_server_client *client)
void remove_client (struct ecasound_neteci_server_client *client)
void run (void)

Private Attributes

struct sockaddr_in addr_in_rep
struct sockaddr * addr_repp
struct sockaddr_un addr_un_rep
bool cleanup_request_rep
std::list< struct
ecasound_neteci_server_client * > 
std::list< std::string > parsed_cmd_queue_rep
bool server_listening_rep
std::string socketpath_rep
int srvfd_rep
bool unix_sockets_rep

Detailed Description

NetECI server implementation.

Kai Vehmanen

Definition at line 27 of file eca-neteci-server.h.

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