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ECA_CONTROL_MT Class Reference

#include <eca-control-mt.h>

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Public Member Functions

Constructors and dtors
virtual ~ECA_CONTROL_MT (void)
Lock object exclusively to perform transactions
void lock_control (void)
void unlock_control (void)
Runtime control
virtual void engine_start (void)
virtual int start (void)
virtual void stop (void)
virtual void stop_on_condition (void)
virtual int run (bool batchmode=true)
virtual void quit (void)
virtual void quit_async (void)
virtual bool is_running (void) const
virtual bool is_connected (void) const
virtual bool is_selected (void) const
virtual bool is_finished (void) const
virtual bool is_valid (void) const
virtual bool is_engine_created (void) const
virtual bool is_engine_running (void) const
virtual const ECA_CHAINSETUPget_connected_chainsetup (void) const
virtual void connect_chainsetup (struct eci_return_value *retval)
virtual void disconnect_chainsetup (void)
Execute edit objects
virtual bool execute_edit_on_connected (const ECA::chainsetup_edit_t &edit)
virtual bool execute_edit_on_selected (const ECA::chainsetup_edit_t &edit, int index=-1)

Static Public Member Functions

Static helper functions
static std::string return_value_to_string (const struct eci_return_value *retval, int float_precision=9)
static const char * return_value_type_to_string (const struct eci_return_value *retval)
static void clear_return_value (struct eci_return_value *retval)

Building blocks for ECI -Ecasound Control Interface

pthread_mutex_t mutex_rep
virtual void command (const std::string &cmd_and_args, struct eci_return_value *retval)
virtual void command_float_arg (const std::string &cmd, double arg, struct eci_return_value *retval)
virtual void print_last_value (struct eci_return_value *retval) const
ECA_CONTROL_MToperator= (const ECA_CONTROL_MT &v)

Detailed Description

High-level interface to libecasound functionality

See also:

Related design patters: Facade (GoF185)

Kai Vehmanen

Definition at line 41 of file eca-control-mt.h.

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