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Private Attributes


#include <eca-audio-position.h>

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Public Member Functions

Constructors and destructors
virtual ~ECA_AUDIO_POSITION (void)
Public functions for getting length information
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t length_in_samples (void) const
int length_in_seconds (void) const
double length_in_seconds_exact (void) const
bool length_set (void) const
Public functions for getting position information
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t position_in_samples (void) const
int position_in_seconds (void) const
double position_in_seconds_exact (void) const
Public utility functions
bool out_position (void) const
Functions reimplemented from ECA_SAMPLERATE_AWARE
virtual void set_samples_per_second (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t new_value)
Public functions for getting audio format information
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t samples_per_second (void) const

Protected Member Functions

Protected functions for setting length
void set_length_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_length_in_seconds (int pos_in_seconds)
void set_length_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void extend_position (void)
Protected functions for setting position (without action)
void set_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_position_in_seconds (int pos_in_seconds)
void set_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void change_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void change_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)

Private Attributes

SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t length_in_samples_rep
bool length_set_rep
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t position_in_samples_rep

Public functions for setting position (with action)

void seek_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos_in_samples)
void seek_position_in_samples_advance (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos_in_samples)
void seek_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void seek_first (void)
void seek_last (void)
virtual bool supports_seeking (void) const =0
virtual bool supports_seeking_sample_accurate (void) const =0
virtual SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t seek_position (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)=0

Detailed Description

Position cursor for a finite length audio stream

Definition at line 10 of file eca-audio-position.h.

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