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#include <audioio_jack_manager.h>

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struct  eca_jack_node
struct  eca_jack_port_data

Public Types

typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef std::string parameter_t

Public Member Functions

std::string get_parameter_name (int id) const
int number_of_params (void) const
virtual bool variable_params (void) const
virtual ~AUDIO_IO_JACK_MANAGER (void)
Functions reimplemented from AUDIO_IO_MANAGER
virtual bool is_managed_type (const AUDIO_IO *aobj) const
virtual void register_object (AUDIO_IO *aobj)
virtual int get_object_id (const AUDIO_IO *aobj) const
virtual list< int > get_object_list (void) const
virtual void unregister_object (int id)
Functions reimplemented from ECA_OBJECT
virtual string name (void) const
virtual string description (void) const
Function reimplemented from DYNAMIC_PARAMETERS
virtual std::string parameter_names (void) const
virtual void set_parameter (int param, std::string value)
virtual std::string get_parameter (int param) const
Function reimplemented from DYNAMIC_OBJECT
AUDIO_IO_JACK_MANAGERclone (void) const
AUDIO_IO_JACK_MANAGERnew_expr (void) const
Functions reimplemented from ECA_ENGINE_DRIVER
virtual int exec (ECA_ENGINE *engine, ECA_CHAINSETUP *csetup)
virtual void start (void)
virtual void stop (bool drain)
virtual void exit (void)
Public API for JACK clients
void register_jack_ports (int client_id, int ports, const string &portprefix)
void unregister_jack_ports (int client_id)
void auto_connect_jack_port (int client_id, int portnum, const string &portname)
void auto_connect_jack_port_client (int client_id, const string &dst, int channels)
long int client_latency (int client_id)
void open (int client_id)
void close (int client_id)
long int read_samples (int client_id, void *target_buffer, long int samples)
void write_samples (int client_id, void *target_buffer, long int samples)
bool is_open (void) const
bool is_connection_active (void) const
bool is_running (void) const
long int buffersize (void) const
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t samples_per_second (void) const

Static Public Attributes

static const int instance_limit = 8

Private Types

enum  Operation_mode {
  Transport_none, Transport_receive, Transport_send, Transport_send_receive,
typedef enum

Private Member Functions

void activate_server_connection (void)
void close_server_connection (void)
void connect_all_nodes (void)
void deactivate_server_connection (void)
void disconnect_all_nodes (void)
void exec_helper_clean_transport (void)
void exec_helper_setup_transport (void)
eca_jack_node_tget_node (int client_id)
void helper_print_transport_state (const std::string &when) const
void initial_seek (void)
void open_server_connection (void)
void set_node_connection (eca_jack_node_t *node, bool connect)
void set_transport_mode (enum Operation_mode mode, bool print_trace)
void signal_exit (void)
void signal_stop (void)
void wait_for_exit (void)
void wait_for_stop (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static void get_total_port_latency (jack_client_t *client, eca_jack_port_data_t *ports, int mode)

Private Attributes

bool activated_rep
long int buffersize_rep
long int cb_allocated_frames_rep
jack_client_t * client_repp
pthread_mutex_t engine_mod_lock_rep
pthread_cond_t exit_cond_rep
pthread_mutex_t exit_mutex_rep
bool exit_request_rep
vector< eca_jack_port_data_t * > inports_rep
int j_stopped_rounds_rep
string jackname_rep
int jackslave_seekahead_rep
long int jackslave_seekahead_target_rep
int last_node_id_rep
Operation_mode_t mode_rep
list< eca_jack_node_t * > node_list_rep
int open_clients_rep
bool open_rep
vector< eca_jack_port_data_t * > outports_rep
std::map< string, int > port_numbers_rep
bool shutdown_request_rep
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t srate_rep
int start_request_rep
pthread_cond_t stop_cond_rep
pthread_mutex_t stop_mutex_rep
int stop_request_rep


int eca_jack_bsize_cb (jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg)
int eca_jack_process_callback (jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg)
void eca_jack_process_engine_iteration (jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg)
void eca_jack_process_mute (jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg)
void eca_jack_process_timebase_slave (jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg)
void eca_jack_shutdown_cb (void *arg)
int eca_jack_srate_cb (jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg)

Detailed Description

Manager class for JACK client objects.

Related design patterns:


Kai Vehmanen

Definition at line 32 of file audioio_jack_manager.h.

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